Top Nonsurgical Weight Loss Procedures

Top Nonsurgical Weight Loss Procedures

Get a closer understanding of surgical-free weight loss procedures. Also, learn about a leading bariatric surgery specialist with years of experience pulling out patients from obesity.

Nonsurgical Weight Loss Procedures

Different types of bariatric surgeries are helping people to experience exceptional weight loss results. But there is a small problem. Many obese people fear needles and other surgical instruments. How will they overcome their fear and reduce their excessive weight?

Does undergoing different weight loss surgery the only way forward?

No!! The answer is obvious No!! There is always an alternative. One can seek nonsurgical weight loss procedures to race ahead in their weight loss journey. This article will help people learn in-depth about different nonsurgical weight loss procedures.

Different Nonsurgical Weight Loss Procedures

Medical science has made progress in modifying an individual’s shape with a pinch of magic. But also, it has found painless ways to detect and counter a problem. Different nonsurgical loss procedures are a testament that science is finding solutions to help people in a minimalist way.

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty(ESG)

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty(ESG) effectively reduces unwanted body weight minimally. In this process, a doctor combines with an endoscopist to treat the root area of the abnormality. At first, the endoscopist sends an endoscope inside the patient’s body to generate real-life images.

The doctor analyses the situation and then places a series of sutures in the stomach region to reduce its size strategically. Next, the doctor ties the sutures and makes the stomach look like a sleeve structure. The unorthodox stomach shape will obstruct the easy flow of food from the typical passage.

The after-effect of this will be that the patient will experience a low appetite and consume less food. This strategy will directly lead the patient to reduce their weight. After completing the remaining process, the endoscopist takes the endoscope from the patient. The patient goes to the monitor room for further supervision.

Orbera (Fluid-Filled) Gastric Balloon

Orbera (Fluid-Filled) Gastric Balloon is a popular nonsurgical weight loss procedure. This procedure is suitable for patients whose BMI ranges from 30 to 40. People struggling to reduce their weight through diet and exercise can also undergo this procedure.

In this process, a doctor places a fluid-filled balloon inside a patient to reduce the regular intake of food consumption. With the help of an endoscope, the doctor first strategically places the deflated balloon. Then the doctor inflates the balloon with a blue-dye saline solution according to the patient’s requirements.

Later the doctor adjusts the balloon’s position and seals it after completing all the arrangements. The patient keeps the balloon for at least six months with a rigorous diet and healthy lifestyle. The doctor supervises the patient’s weight loss journey throughout this tenure.

Obalon (Gas-Filled) Balloon System

The Obalon balloon system is a nonsurgical procedure to initiate weight loss through a gas-filled balloon. In this process, the patient first swallows a deflated balloon capsule, only the size of a vitamin tablet.

Once the pills reach the stomach, the doctor inflates the balloon with nitrogen gas with a particular device. The balloons move freely after inflation and maintain their buoyancy and position. The doctor sets other advanced machinery to introspect the positioning of the freely moving balloons.

This procedure’s after-effect is that the patient’s stomach remains complete, and they consume less food. It aids them in their weight loss journey.

KEN Diet

Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition, or KEN diet, is a popular nonsurgical weight loss procedure. But it is challenging as the patient only consumes protein-based diets through a tube for ten days. The KEN diet is effective for people who are just above 25 BMI.

In this process, the doctor inserts a feeding tube through various openings in the patient’s body to the stomach. Next, the doctor feeds continuous protein liquid through the tube. The constant feeding process triggers ketosis. Ketosis is the state in a body where a person loses fats instead of glucose.

As a result, the patient loses interest in hunger and starts losing weight. Doctors recommend this cycle for ten days but are customisable according to the patient’s goals.

Stomach Injections for Weight Loss

Different weight loss injections, such as Semaglutide, Wegovy, Ozempic, and Liraglutide, are gaining popularity in the existing market. These injections have unique components to initiate weight loss and reduce appetite. But one should consult with a doctor before taking any further action.

Advantages of Nonsurgical Weight Loss Procedures

Nonsurgical weight loss procedures and bariatric surgery have different approaches but the same goal. But it is crucial to know the advantages that nonsurgical weight loss procedures bring with them:-

  • Good Recovery Time
  • Minimum Risks & Complications
  • Less Harmful Impact on the Body
  • Affordable
  • Fantastic Option for Low BMI Individuals

Experience Weight Loss with a Golden Touch

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