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At our premier medical center, we have devoted ourselves to providing the best bariatric and endoscopy surgery specialists to our valued patients. Our healthcare facility is a leading destination for people seeking specialised weight loss treatment in UAE. Our lead Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie and the team have extensive experience in helping patients from all walks of life to lead better lives. We utilize the best and the latest technology with a deep emphasis on our client’s personal needs to deliver exceptional results.

About Us


Reasons to Get Bariatric Surgery from Al Taie Center

We are the first center in UAE that has been awarded a Certification Of Excellence in obesity operation by The American Association Of Obesity. This prestigious certificate has been granted on the basis of various criteria, the important being the performance of the center in terms of the doctor team, timing and patient’s condition after the operation. Our operation rate exceeded 50,000 operations followed by a successful next-day discharge.

Apart from our focus on surgical methods to tackle obesity, it is the belief of our team and Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie that patients should receive a food plan. For this, we also provide counselling to our patients to help them through their journey physically.

Our comprehensive services have made us among the obesity centers that provide the best bariatric surgery in Dubai, UAE. Our devotion to our patients inspires us to go above and beyond to help them improve their lives by applying our knowledge and resources.

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