8th September, 2023

Why Do People Get Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Revitalize your appearance and fight obesity with gastric sleeve surgery. Find out whether you are eligible for weight-loss surgery in...

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30th August, 2023

Postoperative Care After Bariatric Surgery – What to Know?

Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, is gaining steady popularity nowadays. Obesity is a chronic illness in children...

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23rd August, 2023

Gastric bypass diet: What to eat after the surgery?

Your bariatric surgeon will help you with a new way of eating just after the surgery for a smooth recovery....

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10th August, 2023

Weight Loss Procedures Without Surgery

Weight Loss procedures without surgery - The experts will review some non-surgical weight reduction techniques in the following sections and...

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2nd August, 2023

What Form of Exercise Is Ideal Following Bariatric Surgery?

Your bariatric procedure is just around the corner. You're eager and slightly anxious; now is the time to prepare. Find...

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25th July, 2023

Top Nonsurgical Weight Loss Procedures

Get a closer understanding of surgical-free weight loss procedures. Also, learn about a leading bariatric surgery specialist with years of...

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19th July, 2023

What Advantages Does Bariatric Surgery Offer?

You must have heard about bariatric surgery, but are you aware of the positives that it offers? Read thoroughly to...

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29th June, 2023

Why Should You Consider a Weight Loss Surgery?

You can consider getting weight loss surgery if your body mass index is 40 or higher. If it is, then...

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