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Gastric Balloon Dubai, UAE

For bariatric surgery patients, the gastric balloon procedure is a temporary treatment that assists in losing weight. With this procedure, patients can reduce their stomach volume with this treatment.
The gastric balloon is a smooth, soft, and durable balloon (Orbera, Lax Ball, Spatz). Made of silicone rubber, it is inserted inside the stomach to reduce the capacity. So, patients feel full even with less food.
At our first-rated center for bariatric and weight loss, Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie is the first-rated surgeon who performs the method with the help of an endoscope, which is a flexible and thin tube. Our best doctors use premium-quality medical products built by Orbera, Lax Ball, Spatz.
Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie is the best doctor who fills the balloon with saline solution and occupies space inside the stomach. As a result, it leaves less space for food and beverages. If you are a bariatric surgery patient, you can consult our top surgeon at Weight Loss Dubai (AL TAIE Center) for gastric balloon treatment in Dubai, UAE.

Are You The Right Candidate for the Gastric Balloon Surgery?

At AL TAIE Center, Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie performs gastric balloon procedures (Orbera, Lax Ball, Spatz) for bariatric surgery patients. And these patients must experience the following conditions if they want to undergo surgery at our best and top clinic:

  • Must have a BMI (body mass index) of 30-40 (BMI is the relationship between an individual’s height and weight
  • Bariatric surgery patients who cannot lose weight with lifestyle improvements, medications, or diet, can consult us for this #1 treatment.
  • Individuals who prefer a less invasive alternative to bariatric surgery can consult our best doctor at AL TAIE Center.

What Is the Healing Time after Undergoing Gastric Balloon Treatment?

We are a top, first-rated, and #1 center for gastric balloon surgery with the help of Orbera, Lax Ball, Spatz products. At our center, our top and best surgeon recommends not travelling back home all by yourself. After the sedation wears off, ensure that there’s someone with you who can drive you back home. After that day, you will be able to resume your regular activities without restrictions.

Gastric Balloon Dubai

Can You Lose Weight with The Gastric Balloon Treatment?

At our first-rated center, Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie uses top-notch and FDA-approved systems like Orbera, Lax Ball, Spatz. For some weeks, we recommend the patient be on a liquid diet followed by a gradual change to regular solid food. After you start losing weight from the third or fourth month, we recommend additional instructions depending on your condition. We encourage exercise habits as it prevents our patients from regaining weight.
We are the #1 and first-rated clinic for gastric balloon surgery, and our surgeon does not compromise on the quality of our treatment.

How Do We Remove The Gastric Balloon?

AL TAIE Center is the number #1 clinic where first-rated surgeons like Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie remove gastric balloons cautiously. After six months, our doctor removes it via a procedure that takes just 20 minutes.

  • Sedating the patient to make them comfortable
  • Inserting an endoscope via the mouth
  • Puncturing the gastric balloon
  • Draw out the saline with the help of a catheter
  • Using the endoscope to retrieve the deflated balloon

At our #1 surgery clinic, our doctor focuses on these things while removing the balloon. Seek consultation for gastric balloon treatment from us at the soonest.

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