What Form of Exercise Is Ideal Following Bariatric Surgery?

What Form of Exercise Is Ideal Following Bariatric Surgery

Your bariatric procedure is just around the corner. You’re eager and slightly anxious; now is the time to prepare. Find out which exercises suit your Bariatric Surgery best.

Bariatric patients who want to lose weight, have healthy lives and maintain their ideal weight once they do so need regular exercise. It would be best if you collaborated with your bariatric surgeon and a fitness expert to create a plan that considers your particular requirements, including your preferences, level of physical fitness, and objectives for weight loss and a healthy, active lifestyle.

Why Is Post-Operative Exercise Important?

Many people who have had weight loss surgery mistakenly believe that maintaining a healthy weight is no longer necessary. Even though weight reduction surgery will alter your life, maintaining weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are still top priorities.

A healthy diet and exercise after surgery are essential for attaining and maintaining weight loss. A regular exercise program will protect your joints, tone your muscles, improve the health of your heart and lungs, boost your metabolism, and do so much more.

Light activity throughout your post-surgery recovery time will also hasten and facilitate recovery. Remember that you can still experience post-operative mobility issues, so you won’t be able to perform all types of workouts straight away. Start slowly, concentrate on establishing attainable goals, and gradually increase the intensity of your workout program at bariatric physiotherapy centers.

Walking Sport

So, where do you begin?

To build and tone your body, combining flexibility training with strength and cardio workouts is crucial. The recommended exercises to start with are listed below:


No of your level of fitness, yoga is straightforward to start and has many mental and physical health advantages. Beginning a yoga practice can be very beneficial for your weight loss journey, whether you have bariatric surgery or already had it.

Yoga is a terrific way to start exercising because there are many different styles. It’s mild enough for novices or those who have mobility problems. Yet, it promotes muscle tone, flexibility, and the formation of positive breathing patterns that can be useful when performing other exercises.

When Is It Too Soon?

Depending on how physically fit you were before surgery, this question. Although every journey will be unique, all post-surgical patients must walk, or at the absolute least march in place. Immediately following surgery to help lower the risk of blood clots.

Everything else is up to you and your comfort level. Don’t wait if you’re feeling fantastic. Get moving, stretching, and strengthening. If something feels uncomfortable, pay attention to your body and stop. Wait a few days after that before attempting again.


Dr. Abdulsalam Al Taie will collaborate with a multidisciplinary team at the Al Taie Center to develop the best course of action for you. They consist of specialized trained nurses who will be by your side throughout your journey to offer support and direction to guarantee that you reach your goals. Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie will meet with you and create a customized eating plan.

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